Liberty Hall Plantation
Community Location:
Goose Creek, SC

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1693
Johns Island, SC 29457
Contact info: Carly Price
Phone: 843-377-1695
Fax: 843-377-1696

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  1. Copy of stamped, sealed plat of survey of your lot and residence. This is with the documents you received at closing and will show the dimensions of the lot, the location of your house and other improvements on the lot and any easements.
  2. Project drawn to scale on the plat, with pictures if possible showing:
    1. location of the project on the lot
    2. location of any trees affected by the project
    3. for fences, size and location of gates, style and sectional view
    4. location and amount of grading that may be required
    5. location, number and type of trees, shrubs, and mulch to be used in landscape screening
    6. what finished project will look like
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The governing documents (ie. Protective Covenants, By-Laws, Guidelines and Amendments) as well as this application are downloadable at You can also request a copy by calling The Marshland Communities at 843-377-1695.

Any portion of this application or supporting documents may be mailed or faxed to Marshland Communities.
The Marshland Communities, P.O. Box 1693, Johns Island, SC 29457.
Marshland Communities Fax: 843-377-1696

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AUTHORIZATION TO VISIT PROPERTY. Site visits to the property by the Association are essential to process this application. The Owner, as signed below, hereby authorizes the Association and/or Manager to visit and photograph the property referenced on this application.

I have read my Community's governing documents and believe I am in compliance with all Covenants and Restrictions. I also understand that it is my responsibility to verify all property lines, easements, and city and county codes and ordinances. I understand that any permits required will be obtained and posted. I will not begin any projects until written approval has been received from the ARB. I can expect a response from the Association within 30 days.

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