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A variety of community association issues and questions are addressed in this category.
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Helpful information on Covenants, By-Laws and more
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Questions and informaiton on financial issues facing community associations including reserve funding
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Questions and topics relating to architectural review guidelines and committees.
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Helpful information and answers to questions for maintenance issues facing community associations
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Questions and information about landscaping and establishing committees

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document How To Bar HOA Rentals
How To Bar HOA Rentals by Richard Thompson In some homeowner associations, the number of owners who rent their units is extraordinarily high,...
31 Jan, 2008
document If we receive a request from a property owner for a copy of all the Board meeting minutes, do we have to comply?
Property owners are entitled to copies of the minutes when requested, but you can charge a reasonable fee to the owner to cover copies & postage...
26 Jan, 2008
document I attended a seminar which discussed the importance of maintaining uniformity of appearance of our units and how lack of uniformity can affect property values. Is there somewhere I could get more information or documentation about uniformity and property values?
The reason for the association maintaining control over the exterior appearance is two fold: 1. Common wall housing typically has a...
26 Jan, 2008
document A homeowner at our HOA recently presented a written work order to the landscape maintenance company. The contractor performed the unauthorized task which also happened to be beyond the scope of their contract. Can the HOA be held responsible for payment of unauthorized work? Should the owners be held responsible for directives given to contractors who have been hired by the HOA?
The homeowner ordered the work, the homeowner pays the contractor's bill. If the work impacts the common area and is not in compliance, the board...
26 Jan, 2008
document Our governing documents prohibit homeowners from having above ground pools in their yard. The board has decided that kiddie pools are included in this prohibition stating that the HOA could be sued if a child drowns. Is this correct?
The governing document prohibition on above ground pools likely has to do with curb appeal and not safety. As long as the wading pools are not...
26 Jan, 2008
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document I've heard that some communities have improved their assessment collections by publishing the names of members who are delinquent in the community newsletter. Is this legal? Doesn't it violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or open up the association to a lawsuit?
Some communities use this collection strategy, but if you are considering trying it, you need to implement it very carefully. According to the law,...
08 Nov, 2009
document We have had a lot of problems with children in our community vandalizing our common property at night. The Board of Directors would like to propose a curfew that prohibits children under the age of 16 from being outside after 10 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult. Can we legally do this?
No, the fair housing laws prohibits you from discriminating against families with children. Your plan to restrict the activities of children falls...
08 Nov, 2009
document Our HOA currently distributes a written directory including all residents and their respective addresses, work/home phone numbers and email addresses. Are there any privacy concerns?
Yes. Each member should be given the option of being included or not in a written request for information. Those that want to participate should...
26 Jan, 2008
document What rights do homeowners have to see ballots cast at the annual meeting? We have a homeowner who is demanding to see the votes and some feel uncomfortable with that.
Unless the vote is handled by a motion to approve the slate of candidates by acclamation (unanimous vote), ballots should be kept secret. But someone...
26 Jan, 2008
document Can Board Members who are absent from a regular board meeting, give a proxy to another Board Member to vote on matters before the board at the meeting?
While proxies are allowable at the Annual Homeowner Meeting, they are not allowed at board meetings unless the governing documents say so. If not,...
26 Jan, 2008