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The Marshland Communities, LLC partners with each community's Board of Directors to assist them in the effective management of their Community Association. As partners, we share in your Association's accomplishments and achievements. We take a pro-active approach to reviewing and resolving your challenges. Your Board is comprised of dedicated volunteers and we help them focus by undertaking the day-to-day details of managing the Association's non-profit business.

Each community we manage is different and we design a custom management proposal for each one.

ACCOUNTING Below we have summarized our accounting services provided to each Association we partner with. Financial statements are provided monthly or quarterly to reflect the continuing financial health of your association.

  • We will partner with your Board to prepare an annual budget each year while analyzing prior operating expenditures and we provide professional recommendations for estimated future expenses and will suggest reserve funds based on the Board's objectives. Budgets are the basis for maintaining financial stability for every Association.
  • Our staff will bill, collect, deposit and report all assessments and all other charges due by the Association's members.
  • We carefully maintain checking, savings and other banking accounts in the name of the association. Bank accounts are always maintained separately.
  • We notify Association members of any delinquency and take reasonable action for the collection of the delinquent assessments as determined by the Board.
  • We make all disbursements from assessments collected for normal recurring expenses as provided in the budget and as approved by the Board.
  • We make certain your Association has proper insurance for your common area and for your officers and directors.
  • Finally, we provide monthly or quarterly and year-end financial reports prepared on an accrual basis, which include all income and expenses and reflect the net cash position of the association. We also assist in the Association's annual tax return preparation and audit.

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES We work closely with the Board of Directors for each Association we partner with. Below are some of the normal administration duties we provide.

  • Organize annual and special meetings of Owners, and assist with regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the Association, including the preparation of notices, agendas and other necessary documents.
  • Guide and assist members of the Board in the performance of their obligations and in the development of procedures and policies.
  • Advise and assist in the administration and enforcement of the Association's governing documents.
  • Keep all records of the affairs of the association and the Board, including the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Resolutions, Rules and Regulations, policies, minutes of meetings, copies of contracts, etc. All these records belong to the association.
  • Maintain updated databases of Owners, Officers and Directors.
  • Complete all necessary correspondence on behalf of the Board.
  • Resolve individual Owner requests as they pertain to the administration of the association, its common elements and governing "Rules and Regulations."
  • Manage Association's insurance portfolio including the filing of all claims.
  • Regularly inspect the property. Observe, record and monitor deed restriction violations and contractor performance.
  • Establish, coordinate and provide the administrative and secretarial functions of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), including preparation, review and approval of architectural applications, correspondence with owners requesting ARC compliance or completion of applications, and all necessary correspondence related to the ARC.

MAINTENANCE SERVICES On behalf of each Association, we help to ensure everything from negotiating contracts for landscaping and trash removal to amenities are coordinated as directed by the Board. We oversee all activities that are necessary to maintain your community.

WEBSITE SERVICES Today's neighborhoods rely on excellent communication.

  • We will create and maintain a professional web page for your neighborhood as part of our service to you.
  • Some of the things your page can be used for:
    • Online documents.
    • Archiving of Board Meeting Minutes Online.
    • Requests for Maintenance with our online support ticket system.
    • And More...